Special tours



Photography tours – getting up before dawn or waiting for the time of the long shadows, gives you the chance to capture on picture the most beautiful moments of the day. Find unique birds, animals or landscapes with the guidance and tuition of a professional National Geographic photographer.




Wine tasting tours – experiencing the diversity of the Bulgarian wines, either going to the wine cellars or with the wines coming to you wherever you may be, with the expertise of a professional sommelier.





Sociology and history tours – from the ancient to the recent history of Bulgaria, from the Tracians and Slavs,  the glorious bulgarian kings, through the Ottoman times, through the wars and communism to present day, with an expert in history and sociology.





Monastery tours – Visiting the most famous Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria, strongholds of the Bulgarian national tradition and history during the ages of foreign rule, with an expert in history and theology.






Multiactivity – Various activities can be combined in a program around a center location –

biking, horseback riding, caving, via ferata, kayacking, hiking and, last but not least – cooking and eating with the local people.

Especially recommended for family vacations.