Bike and Horse




The hilly terrain in the soft mountains offers a nice mixture of deserted tarmac roads and dirt tracks through the countryside –
biking or horseback riding gives you the chance to travel at a good speed and then again to slow down enough, in order to enjoy the scenery.


Rodopi mountains is one of the best for biking. The sea of rolling holls, now and then emerging above the treetops is cut with a network of forest roads that will take you to a lake or to a mountain challet. You can cycle through the big Rodopi canyons, explore caves or drink a beer with the local people along the way.

The Balkan Mountains is a good place for horseback riding. The way the ancient Bulgarians did. Once you get on the main ridge, cutting Bulgaria in the middle,  you can ride for days with wonderful views North and South, spending the night in a hut or in a tent in the wild. You don’t have to be an expert, just to be in a reasonable shape. You learn how to ride along the way, guided by the local leader, who learned to ride before he could walk 🙂


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