From soft walks in nature, to the high mountain ridges,
always ending in a nice village or town, interesting with its history or unique location. We hike in Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopi mountains, the Balkan range…

Tours, custom tailored to fit anyone’s taste,always a mix between nature and cultural heritage.




Rila – the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the on the Balkans (Musala – 2,925m) sheltering the biggest Orthodox sanctuary in Bulgaria – the Rila Monastery. Hundreds of glacial lakes, above rich pine forests, offer endless possibilities for pleasant hikes.






Pirin – almost as high as Rila, much sharper in the high ridges, but rewarding with the panoramas that open in front of you, once you climb on one of its high summits. In its southern slopes, Pirin hides the small museum town of Melnik, hidden among the sandstone pillars, while in the Northern foothills it’s Bansko that you’ll want to stay in – to learn about the local history, to taste the local dishes and listen to the unique folklore music of the region.




The Rhodopi mountains – the land of the Thracians, of Orpheus and Dionisos. A sea of rolling hills, occasionally emerging above the pines, full of wildlife, ancient history and tradition. Enormous marble canyons and caves cut the mountain to add another dimension to its beauty.




The Balkan range – The big ridge in the middle of Bulgaria – rich in pastures and meadows. The small villages and towns on both sides of the mountain have a rich history, dating back to pre-Ottoman times, featuring the best examples of the Bulgarian revival art, craft and architecture.



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