Ski touring

Bored with the downhill skiing? Let’s try to go out of the noise, then. It’s always worth the climbing, because the descent makes you the artist of the virgin slopes.

Custom tours to fit the group’s ambitions, always with the safety in mind when picking the route up or down. And … it’s nothing like the Alps – it’s not likely to meet anybody the whole day – the mountain is reserved just for us.

You can walk along the ridges in the high mountain or find culloars to ski down – one can easily make 1500 – 2000 m descent some of the days.


Rila is Bulgaria’s highest mountain, not far from the capital Sofia. It can offer lots of options for one day trips, starting from the hotel in the foothills or a series of touring days in the high mountain, lodging in huts or chalets. The famous 7 Lakes and Maliovitsa regions are one of the best for ski-touring. Skiing down 1500m to the Rila Monastery adds a nice touch to a day of touring among the glacial lakes.




Pirin is the second biggest mountain around, situated just South of Rila. Bansko ski resort in the Northern  foothills of the mountain is a good base for different tours and descents to be made in the area, as well as being a nice traditional town with unique local music and culinary traditions.




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